JewelryBund accepts Paypal Buy Now Pay Later for Wholesale Purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Paypal Buy Now Pay Later (Pay in 4)?

It is a Paypal powered buy now pay later program which you can split your purchase into 4 payments. You only pay the down payment when placing the order and make the rest payment in another 3 terms, one term payment in every 2 weeks.

2. Will I Be Able to Use Pay in 4?

You have to be a U.S., U.K. or Australian residents and need to have a good status Paypal account to be eligible to use this payement plan. If you are eligible to the program, you will be taken through the Pay in 4 application process when you checkout your JewelryBund orders with Paypal.

3. How Can I Pay with Pay in 4?

You simply have to choose Paypal payment method for your order checkout, and if it is an eligible transaction, Pay in 4 option will display on the Paypal checkout page. You will just need to follow the steps to finish the application and checkout thereafter.

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4. Are there any fees to use Pay with Pay in 4?

No, it is totally free for choosing to pay with Pay in 4.

5. What Purchase Amounts Qualify for Pay in 4?

You can use Pay in 4 for wholesale purchase values from USD 99 to USD 1500.

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